I was so concerned about my Tribunal.
My case was so well prepared that I was in the Tribunal less than 5 minutes before winning my case.
I’m so grateful.

TREW took on my case, no win no fee. I received over £5,000 in back dated benefits, and don’t expect to have my PIP reviewed again until 2022.

TREW attended my healthcare assessment. Previous experiences had been so traumatic. It was as though the hcp had been talking about someone else.
This time, it was different. I was awarded without the need to go to Tribunal.

I have been arguing with HRMC for months over my tax credit award.
TREW smoothed the process. I got my award reviewed at a Tribunal and the backdated money paid.

TREW helped me with my appeal. They consulted with my mental health team and spoke for me at my tribunal. My appeal was successful and I got over £5,000 in backdated benefit

TREW took all the stress away from my appeal. Confident, knowledgeable.

TREW not only won my PIP case, but also extend the length of my award. I didn't expect it.

TREW represented me at my appeal 2 years ago. When I got my review, TREW came with me to the assessment. This saved me the trauma of another appeal.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales represented me at tribunal and won my ESA case.
Very professional, kind and considerate.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales certainly know their stuff.
They got me from zero points to support group at Tribunal.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales were with me from application of my personal independence to a decision.
I ma a cancer patient and they took all of the worry out of the process.
I was awarded enhanced care and standard mobility.

I asked for Tribunal Representation England & Wales help when I was reassessed and put into WRAG instead of support group of ESA.
It was important for me to keep my contribution based benefit and they proved to a tribunal that I was wrongly assessed.

My old DLA application was taking ages to get sorted. Tribunal Representation England & Wales took it to tribunal and won my case.
I'm now getting higher mobility and middle care of DLA.
My wife is now eligible for carers allowance and they also got that backdated to the original decision.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales took me right through the application process of personal independence payment.
They are so knowledgable of entitlement and I was happy with the service they provided.
Always at the end of the phone if you need them.

I contacted Tribunal Representation England & Wales after being refused PIP.
They were with me at tribunal and their knowledge of the process is second to none.
Highly recommend TREW to everyone I know.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales has been working on my husband's case for two years. They successfully won at tribunal and continue to support me after the tragic loss of my husband in my benefit applications.

I have some disabilities that are not obvious to the naked eye and found it hard to convince a healthcare professional of this.
Tribunal Representation England & Wales won my case at a tribunal and I have been awarded over £7,000 in back dated benefits.
They are empathic, kind and extremely professional.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales helped me with an ESA appeal.
When they were successful, they guided me through a PIP application and I have now got a five year award with enhanced rates of both components.
They really are a God send

I was facing a fraud trial if I didn’t win my Tribunal.
Tribunal Representation England & Wales won my case, I had over £30,000 paid to me in backdated benefits that were stopped and my benefit has also been reinstated. My fraud investigation and trial collapsed as a result of their work.

I have used Tribunal Representation England & Wales twice this year for both my ESA and PIP appeals. They won both. Very professional.

TREW do exactly what they say. If you are entitled to the benefit, they will get it for you. They won my ESA case at Tribunal and it took them less than five minutes at the hearing.

My case was complicated. I had an inheritance that the DWP said I didn’t declare. Tribunal Representation England & Wales sorted this out for me and I didn’t even have to attend a Tribunal.

I was facing a fraud conviction after a DWP investigation into my pension. It was a scary time because I knew I had done nothing wrong. Tribunal Representation England & Wales won my case and I even got an apology from the DWP.

I was refused a criminal injuries compensation. I contacted Tribunal Representation England & Wales who guided me through the process. They represented me at a Tribunal which they won for me. I’m now awaiting my pay out.

I was facing an enormous repayment of ESA because I no longer live in the UK. Tribunal Representation England & Wales fought my case but lost the appeal at a Tribunal. Undeterred, they took the case to the Upper Tribunal and won the case there. No repayment to make and my ESA has been restored. They saved me £26,000 in repayments and I also had £27,000 of back payments paid into my account. TREW are now dealing with my DLA case.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales have dealt with my last two ESA claims and come with me to the assessments. It’s much easier getting it right in the beginning rather than have the stress of a Tribunal.

I failed my PIP assessment by two points. Tribunal Representation England & Wales attended the Tribunal with me and won my case with ease.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales guided me through the PIP application. They completed the form and attended the assessment with me. I was awarded the enhanced rate in both components for ten years. No hesitation in recommending them.

I was facing an uphill task proving that I was entitled to criminal injury compensation. Tribunal Representation England & Wales spent all morning putting my case forward and I was awarded my compensation because of their work.

I had my Pip assessment after my DLA was converted. Tribunal Representation England & Wales dealt with this for me and I was awarded more money than I was getting under DLA.

Tribunal Representation England & Wales deal with all of my benefit matters as they arise. They maximise my entitlement and my life is made easier as a result.

I had problems making my PIP application because of my vulnerability. TREW helped me through the process and I was awarded the points required to make my disability more bearable.

I retain Tribunal Representation England & Wales to look after my whole family’s benefit matters as they arise. They really are a Godsend.
Linda, Catherine, Mavis, Barbara  

I lead a Fibromyalgia group in Plymouth. Tribunal Representation England & Wales deal with all of our members benefit requirements when they are due for renewal. Very professional and always available.